Passion Attracts, both success and people, try it sometime!

Passion is a passionate word, I’ll admit there is something appealing about the word. Now, imagine the appeal that the action itself has.

From the observation of human interactions I have done I have noticed the power of passion as a salient factor in the attraction process. Passionate people are usually well spoken about the things they are passionate about.

It’s obvious that it is hard, if not impossible to be passionate about something you don’t understand. I believe the difference between liking something and being passionate about something is knowledge. (You can only be passionate about them once you have full knowledge of them.)

In day to day conversations, we are constantly drawn to this phenomenon called passion. People with depth (rare as they are) are very attractive because they have a gift for prompting comfort from the people around them. For some of us though who lack depth in conversation, our secret weapon is talking about the things we are passionate about.

That way, the people we are conversing with get an easy glimse into the kind of people we are, the way we act when we love and we give them an image of us to be loving people.

Dale Carnagie was stressed about how getting people to talk about themselves is an a good way To Win Friends And Influence People and I totally agree, triggering passion is definitely an easy way to attract new people (or old ones).

It’s double effect cannot be disputed as well, talking about the things you love has a similar effect. We are most expressive and eloquent when we talk about the things we are acquainted with, and you are most acquainted with the things that you love and the energy you exude is commands attention and attracts even intimacy.

If you are not passionate about anything you are repulsive to everything, learn to love your craft, your creative outlet, your beliefs and your ideals, you will definitely attract people. The beauty of it is you will not only attract those with similar interest or beliefs but you will attract everyone you share your passion with.


I have troubles, I read a lot of self help books and have a lot of motivational quotes and and videos that are very functional and inspiring, but somehow I never to sustain the fervour I get from these things for long, usually I after a few weeks I have forgotten the message I received.
I always asked myself, is it because I cannot commit to anything or I have a sloppy memory that I can’t carry a single message with me for a year. Turns out, It was neither, turns out I am the kind of person that needs practical motivation. I need on the ground motivation from.everyday people Interact with not the fancy billionaires whose speeches are awash on the net. And its not because my dreams are small, no-one ever has a small dreams, but I am just unconsciously pragmatic.
It turns out the best kind of motivation I can get is the motivation that comes from the people around me. People I know who have achieved, but I tend to get the strongest inspiration from the people who haven’t achieved but are achieving.
My greatest inspiration is the same age as me. People your age can be a source of very strong inspiration. They are evidence to show you that you never too young or told to achieve. If you don’t want to be like them, beat them. Work hard to be at par with the people you know, the people you see everyday. Those people are a constant reminder of who you.need to be. Always be attentive, learn and be like or even better than the people. Compete with them in the end you will be the winner, defeating yesterday’s version yourself because in the end, that’s the goal! So Compete!

My victory against boredom and lack of progress

Just before I finished my A levels I had big plans for my future I was going to quickly get a job that pays well, be independent among other big things, but then when school ended I was home, I crashed hard into reality. I came to realize the honest truth, life is tougher in the real world,  nothing ever goes as planned. In my head I had a picture of a nice paying job after school but that picture faded after all my job applications were not responded to. I was honestly riled to the core during the first weeks.

None of them could bother to even respond with at least a polite decline. After a few more weeks, my anger turned to depression. As a teenager, a sameness of style drained the life out of me. I tried watching movies to kill the substantial amount of time I had at my disposal, but the depression kept lingering in my mind. Trust me, there is no pain more excruciating than that of lack of achievement  at the very least. I was giving nothing to the world and that left a big whole inside me. It was so difficult for me to spend the hot summer days without a plan, then I discovered a secret that helped me through the times.

The secret can be summed up in one statement, “the life of a professional is that of constant self development”. From a superficial view, it appeared clear but it is a pregnant statement. Since I could not do anything at that moment, I took the opportunity to develop myself, to learn new things, explore new avenues, be adventurous, to try even the things that appeared irrelevant to me. I started to spend my time with older people, learning everything I could from them, helping fix clutches, I went on the net did some courses in things I wouldn’t have normal done, like photography.

My reason was that,somethings may sound trial or some people might not be worth spending my time with, but the acquisition of knowledge had to take precedence over my emotions. I made it my personal goal to go to sleep with an extra piece of information every night.

The truth about knowledge is that every piece of it acquired is important. There always come a time when it is used. It might be as abstract as Greek Mythology, knowledge always finds itself a time where it can be used. There mere euphoria one gets after learning something new and practical is to die for.

So, to those hit by the plague of lack of accomplishment, the honest truth is its usually not within your power to be employed or start a business and opportunities might not always come your way. To deal with such problems require a simple dose of learning something new, be it from the man next door,or it is a professional qualification, always learn. Opportunities do not always come, so when they do, be ready!

A Typical African Child

​Just at the north, she barely sleeps, gunfire and shells are the norm.Her annual resolution is to survive .Religious war has claimed her brothers, Her sisters have been slayed by genocide, popular insurection,  cemented by blood massacred her friends. Her sister in the West is lucky but not happy to be alive. AIDS has haunted her home for decades, her neighborhood has been depopulated by ebola, malaria claimed her younger siblings and a closeby graveyard has been fed by the little ones who die from measles, polio, typhoid and cholera. Her dear brother in the east Of Africa did not eat today. Food is scarce in his hometown, there is no rain and incessant wars which have killed a lot of young people.Scurvy and Kwashiorkor are the constant population control agents.He depends on food that is thrown down by donors which is inadequate to support everyone at home thus every evening is a blessing as he hopes to die in his sleep. At the heart of Africa there is a little girl who lives in a country that advocates for education, but  her unemployed parents should pay for it first. She has been told that education is the answer to everything but noone she still has the question. She ponders if  she will be delivered from her dilema,Will they see her plight, she struggles everyday but persists anyway.Hopes keep her going, regardless of the thorns in her path she fights anyway.That is the Typical African Child

Dear future me

​Dear future me:

Dear future me, there is much I would like you to  see

And a lot I would want you to be

Forgive me for the mistakes  I have made and those I continue to make

I claim to have found way but I really say that so people can give me a break

I claim to be a free spirit but I have l am a prisoner of the thoughts of my friends

I party a lot, though with nothing to celebrate 

I would love it if you do so because people call you great

I enjoy calling myself a player , would love if you called yourself a faithful husband

I have nothing to give the world but I hope you have made our name a successful brand

I hope you are not a father by circumstance but rather by choice

Have a family that smiles when they hear your voice

I want you to be successful

Though I never work hard but focus on being cool

I hope between your successful life and my lazy existance 

There is a hard working man who strives for excellence

Yours :Teenage self


​I know the first thing that comes into your mind is that thing you use to store your files, but this is far greater than that. Drives are those aspects that motivate us to be better, worker harder and dig deeper. Not having a drive is living without a cause. We all should have that thing that makes them wake up every morning.  Fact is we all do, but the problem is sometimes we forget our drives. The reason why almost everyone if not all of us are not where we want to be in terms of achievements is because we forget our drives. In order to wake up and study during the night you have to know why you are doing that, what results you want to yield after that. 

I am driven by the need to make a change, my buddy is driven by the desire to accomplish, and some guy I met last week said he is driven by the need to be outstanding. Everyone we talk about and discuss,  in history or currently had a drive. Some are driven by the desire to surpass their fathers. Some are driven by the need to be the best. Have a  drive in order to work extra hard on your terms and not to be pushed around by people are to be forced to be what they are, your drive ensures your freedom and independence to do be the best you can in a way that you want, it’s the best method of self motivation, Believe me. Some say they are driven by the fear of being normal, which is good because this world does not recognize second places and doesn’t care about monotonous people. Again I say know your drive and if you, don’t find one for yourself

Teacher Issues and attitude problems

I have this problem with my attitude towards my teachers, well it wasn’t a problem until now, guess regrets are a big part of growing up, too bad its no one of those regrets you can not correct.
My mathematics teacher despised me, with time the feeling became mutual, I got to hate him as much, the problem then  with hating my teacher meant that hating the subject and hating the subject has the obvious consequence of A LOW GRADE, a low grade means that I would never do advanced level mathematics, meaning I will never be a doctor, and not being a doctor means I probably wont drive my dream car,stay in my dream house, be with dream wife.Well the chain goes on and on ,another thing was my crush on my English teacher which was another major problem ,I never paid attention to anything she said in class because (not going to disclose that part)
Anyways that led to another unfortunate life changing chain.But from that I came up with a series of solutions, because lets face it greatness is measured by your problem solving abilities, not saying I am great because one of them was really stupid.
Firstly I wanted to contact the ministry of Education and to tell them not hire teachers that  are emotional or too good looking for both sexes sakes.Secondly, I just decided that I am going to have to care less about my teachers, my relationships with them was going to be proffesional, I had to force myself to neither like or hate them, just to see them as a little brother I only need to talk to when I dont want my parents to know who broke their bedroom window, to my surprise it actually worked.
My point is you neither hate nor like your teachers,you are there for the subject and that is all,a teacher isn’t someone smarter than you that you should love or hate, lets face they learnt the subject like you tge only difference is that they did a few years before you.DO NOT LET A PERSON STAND IN THE WAY OF YOUR PRIME GOAL.

The Untold inhuman Cyber Crime

This world is rapidly improving and we are seeing more and more use of the internet but on a sad note some people are abusing this privilege. Cyber bullying is becoming more and more common among us as young people. People are now using social media as a way of traumatizing others, forming groups to harass someone simply because they do not like the way they dress or they have some stereotype of the school someone goes go to. This barbaric act is called “roasting” and it is definitely going a long way in diminishing peoples’ self esteem because cannot think straight with people haunting him or her like that and it would certainly have a negative effect on the aspects of your life that are important such as School since living in fear doesn’t do well for us as young people. Others circulate phone numbers and just pest people around for no reason and these things only make us deviate from our studies and deprive us from the privacy we need. Do tell if you have been a victim of roasting and if you haven’t, put yourself in that place and tell me what you think about this issue.

The best way to make our strenghts be our passions and be examples

In life we want to be a lot of different things, be it Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants ,the list is just endless but that is not always what we can be. By this I mean our passion is not always our capability and as a result we waste time trying to do what we can’t do instead of focusing on what we can do and be hurt when we realise we can’t always do that. I as an example spent a lot of my O level time trying to understand Chemistry which was not my gift; instead I got better grades in English which I ignored. Realising that I was never going to do Pharmacy as I wanted devastated me but in time I remembered how I had wasted time doing what I couldn’t do and with that I began to embrace my capability and make it my passion.I know how it feels like to want something but it hurts bad when you realise you can never be what you want. What I am saying here is firstly discover your capabilities then you must embrace that by loving it and GAINING EXPOSURE, don’t waste your time learning dance moves if you are a better singer.Learn everything there is to know about whatever you are good at and do not be ashamed of it even if people make fun of it. Don’t watch Suits if you are cut out to be a doctor but instead watch Grey’s anatomy and grow a liking for your gift as well as make your capability your passion.Always acknowledge your gift and follow that. That’s what I think, tell me what you think and lets help others!!